Fertilization program

We provide deep root fertilization through high pressure injections which both aerate the soil and add oxygen to the root system.

We may also recommend applying a layer of shredded hardwood mulch around the base of the tree to protect and nourish the root zone.

This practice also helps reduce the number of unwanted plants competing for the same food sources.

aerationTrees thrive in healthy soil that’s rich in minerals and nutrients. Our urban landscapes and habits of keeping our lawns neatly manicured unfortunately strip much of the oxygen and nutrients trees need from the soil.  We advocate an organic fertilization program.

How much and when depends on the tree, its age, current nutritional needs, and the surrounding landscape. We can analyze your soil to determine exactly what nutrients your tree needs and recommend deep root feeding once or twice a year.

If the soil around a tree is compacted it causes poor gaseous exchange between the roots and the atmosphere, poor water absorption, drainage problems and a general degradation of the soil environment where beneficial soil organisms live and thrive.

These organisms play a major role in the tree’s ability to absorb soil-borne nutrients and every care should be taken to enhance their ecosystem.