Pruning a Cottonwood around Christmas time.

We help our clients prioritize and schedule healthy pruning of their trees which adds value, beauty and structural soundness to the landscape of their property.

Standard pruning should accomplish any or all of the following:

  • Removal of dead wood, diseased wood and mistletoe
  • Re-cutting of broken or stubbed limbs
  • Correct conflicting or crossing limbs where tree structure will not be negatively impacted
  • Weight reduction of limb ends to minimize chances of breakage
  • Light filtration to provide sufficient light to plantings beneath the canopy

We take into consideration that every tree has a unique genetic code that makes its needs for pruning distinct, and that every cut made on your trees has the potential of changing its unique growth habit, character, and health.

The age of a tree also dictates pruning decisions. Young  trees are pruned to guide them toward healthy structure, while mature trees are pruned to maintain a sound structure and allow enough light to penetrate the tree’s canopy to nourish landscaping below it.

Trees in the DFW area are often exposed to extremes in temperature, wind, hail, ice, and drought. Pruning at the right time can help your trees withstand the extremes and prevent damage caused by limb breakage or trees uprooting.

We adhere to industry endorsed and accepted standards for tree care and safety.