Disease & Insect Control


While we strive to prevent disease and insect problems, we provide safe and effective treatments for these conditions when they occur.

Prevention is the best insurance to your tree’s survival into a healthy old age.

Over-watering is one of the most common forms of injury to trees whether by unmonitored sprinkler systems or by lack of proper drainage. When the soil around the root system fails to dry, rotting of tree roots can occur.

This damage weakens the tree, and allows opportunistic diseases to attack and sometimes kill the tree. As we work with you, we will teach you the correct method of watering your trees.

We may also recommend correcting poor drainage conditions that allow a tree to sit in soggy or saturated soil.

We’ll identify any insects in your trees that are harmful or beneficial. In addition, we’ll look for mushrooms or mistletoe which are common plant problems in our area.

These issues put pressure on trees which can threatens its’ overall health.

As a Texas Oak Wilt Certified arborist, I am highly sensitive to the severity of this disease and am aware of the signs and symptoms and make recommendations for appropriate treatment or actions.